Volunteering at Worth a Haven

Since we are starting the project of building a school, we are looking for people with several skills, among which:

Architects in order to construct an eco-friendly school, we are searching for architects with experience in the field of sustainable construction.

Teachers to set up an educational program including courses for talent discovery and skill development, we are looking for skilled teachers.

Marketeers once a construction plan and educational program is established, we will need talented proposal writers. Resources are limited and therefore we are dependent on funding.

We are looking for volunteers who can stay for at least one month in order to understand and adapt to the new situation. Is this you and are you ready for an adventure that will change both your life and the lives of others? Are you prepared for the challenge, to build and create what does not exist yet? Worth a Haven is looking for you!

Here you can read about previous volunteers experience at Worth a Haven’s youth center.

24 years old David from Germany

Last summer I was lucky enough to spend five great weeks with Masika and the beautiful children of Worth a Haven! From the moment I walked through the door they made me feel at home and loved. During my time there it was the holidays for the kids so we were able to spend a lot of time with them. Together with the other volunteers we shared the tasks of teaching the kids and helping to construct the new orphanage, as well as buying groceries on the market. The children are the most well behaved children I have ever seen in my life, very interested in everything you tell them and with so many talents. It was a big pleasure to spend time with them just playing or telling them about your own life. It was amazing to see how well they treat each other and how joyful they approach every single day, brightening up yours at the same time. On balance it was an eye-opening experience, an experience that will always stay in my mind, making me humble and realize that my problems are nothing compared to theirs. I can’t wait to meet them all again one day.

28 years old Karin from the Netherlands

Masika is doing a wonderful job. Working full time as a nurse while caring for that many children, it takes a lot. I arrived in Kasese in October 2018 and stayed until the end of May 2019. In that time, Masika managed to finish the construction of a new children’s home. They are living in their new house now, which does needs some finishing touches but gives them a very descent shelter – they even have a dining/study room! Masika’s next dream is the construction of a school for underprivileged children, where kids will be able to develop talents and skills. She already has purchased land for this project and is now looking for people to help her with a plan, so she needs you!

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