About Worth a Haven


We believe in equal chances for all. We have seen what happens when forgotten children and women are given the means to make a change, when those who were left behind are pushed to walk upfront. Therefore, we know that each individual counts. The present day world follows the rules of the survival of the fittest which does not always make life a pretty thing. We believe in children and women, who inherit the capacity to change this world for the better if supported the right way.


Education is the key to empowerment. Know-how and new practices in the field of agriculture and the development of young people can improve chances of not only survival but create engineers which could grow up being the leaders this country needs. Time has come to put an end to the continuous creation of lost generations in Uganda. Children and the women who raise them need to finally get the opportunity to realize their potential and start to transform this country. This can be done through talent scouting and skill development.


After the construction of a children’s center where kids can grow up in peace, Worth a Haven’s next project is to construct a school. A space where talent can be developed, skills can be trained and the potential of each child can be expressed. The school will be constructed using environmental-friendly materials, where the use of recycled materials is a priority. Vulnerable children will be able to enjoy revolutionary education, even if their parents do not have the necessary means.

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